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AccessAngel is the easy to use software to protect your computer from unauthorized access. You just need the AccessAngel software and a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and you will never have to worry again about spies who might ransack your computer while you are having a break.

If you are an employer AccessAngel helps you to protect your company's confidential data. Who knows who is searching your employees' computer while they take a coffee break or are in a conference and not on their desk respectively on their computer? AccessAngel protects your company's confidential data by locking your employees' computer automatically as soon as they leave their workspace.

AccessAngel works with all major operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS and virtually all available mobile phones that support Bluetooth. It doesn't matter if you have a Bluetooth USB-Dongle, a PCMCIA Bluetooth Card or an integrated Bluetooth Adapter in your computer - AccessAngel can cope with all of them.
How does it work?
Work with your computer
Leave your computer
Computer is being locked automatically
Computer is being unlocked automatically
Work on your computer as you are used to do. AccessAngel is running as a background process. As soon as you are leaving your workspace and the distance between your mobile phone and your computer becomes larger than 10 meters the Bluetooth connection fails and AccessAngel locks your computer automatically. From now on no one is able to access your computer and personal data. When returning to your computer AccessAngel will automatically detect your mobile phone and unlock your system so you can continue work without entering a password.
The best way to get an impression of the software is to see it. Click the images below to enlarge the screenshots. You may also have a look at the dedicated page with more screenshots.

The user friendly GUI makes it easy to manage AccessAngel.   AccessAngel has an integrated screensaver with pictures from scenic landscapes.   AccessAngel runs inconspicuously in the tray bar.   There are many settings to adjust AccessAngel to your personal needs.
Requirements   Price and Licence Model

All you need is a mobile phone with enabled Bluetooth and a computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS - that's all. More Information...

  A single licence for one user costs 69€. There are several more types available with costs down to a few € per user. More Information...
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